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The Irish Famine Immigrant Experience on Staten Island

Our ancestors who survived the Irish Famine endured long, hazardous sea voyages, arriving at the port of New York filled with hope. For many, this was the last stop; they went no further. Thousands of Irish famine immigrants died at the Staten Island Marine Hospital and Quarantine Station, now the site of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and surrounds. Family members waited to be reunited with loved ones, never to see them again. They’d witnessed death in Ireland, and again here on hope’s doorstep.

Please join Loretto Leary on Friday, May 17th at 7 PM in the Carolan Room at the Gaelic American Club to learn more about the historical significance of Staten Island to Irish Famine Immigrant history and International Irish Famine Commemoration Day, which is on Sunday, May 19th .

Marine Hospital Staten Island.jpg

Marine Hospital, Staten Island, NY | Courtesy of the Office of History, National Institutes of Health

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